About DestiPod

The internet is a massive waste of time. But how to actually stop wasting time on the internet and do things more productive? Nearly everyone knows the following situation. You open your browser for checking the offers for your next holiday, reading your favorite news paper or blog, doing a little fact-checking and investigations to write a report or finish a presentation. The Internet makes everything easier, quicker, more readily available. However, before you know it, you"ve wasted hours looking at sports recaps, funny videos, and your favorite social networks. You have forgotten the time and that is frustrating! How to overcome your weaker self to boost productivity? Bato.Life helps you to stay focused and be more productive. Set yourself a time limit for certain websites and your browser tabs will get closed after that time period. It’s really simple. We do not block any website, we just help you to manage your web time. Due to the fact, that Bato.Life is not a plugin or a desktop application, you can use it anywhere from your smartphone, tablet or pc. Privacy? We don’t spy on websites you visit or things you do there. Therefore we collect just a few data: A Secret ID for your personal stats The requested, used and saved time Your custom bookmarks *(In case you have some) Thats it! As you can see, we do not know anything about you or what you are doing on the web. 😇 You have problems, need some stuff or want to know more? Just contact me and drop me a message on twitter or the contact formula.