How to create an Instagram map

Each Instagram user used to have a tab in their profile that contains the instagram photo map. There, all photos were sorted by location. So you quickly got an overview of where you took which photos. Many users found this feature very useful. Especially when you travel a lot! Upload photos from Your journey to your account! It is a nice feature to get an overview of all the visited places. The photo map was switched off by Instagram some time ago. Would you like to have your photos displayed on a map? We'll show you an alternative way how to get your photo map back easily.

Create an Instagram map in 6 steps

  1. Create an account at Instagram, if you don't already have one.
  2. Upload your photos. Don't forget to put a location on every photo.
  3. Log in and save your username.
  4. You have to connect your Instagram account to upload your photos into the map.
  5. Create a new post and select the instagram import option.
  6. Copy the URL of your Instagram map and share it on your profile.

1. Prepare your photos

Prepare photos on Instagram

First, upload your photos to Instagram. To do this you need an account. If you don't have an account yet, you can create one here. Now you can get started and upload your photos. It is important that you add a location to each picture. We can only upload your photos to the Instagram map if you have previously assigned a location to your photos.

2. Sign up and connect your account

Sign up using your existing account

Now you can sign in. The best way to create an account for your Instagram map is to login directly with your Instagram account. Alternatively, you can register with another account or by email and link your Instagram account afterwards. Go to the homepage of DestiPod and select one of the social network icons. Now you have to give the permissions for DestiPod and you're ready to go.

3. Import your photos, videos and carousel into the map

Ceate your photo map

You're almost done. Now you can import your photos and videos into your Instagram photo map. To do this, select the '+' icon. Afterwards you can start the import via instagram. Depending on how many photos you have already uploaded, this process may take some time. Please note that only photos with one location will be imported.

4. Embed your map on Instagram

Embed & Share your map on Instagram

Now you can share your Instagram map with your friends and followers. Every account at Destipod is accessible via a separate URL ( The URL of your profile can be found in your settings. Copy this URL to the web page field of your Instagram profile so that other people will find your map.